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Telling the world about your plugin is an important step towards launching your project.

In this guide, we will cover some things to consider and also cover some resources which may be helpful in preparing a press release.


You’ll want to have completed the development of your plugin.

Make sure that your plugin works in:

  • Banno Online
  • Banno Mobile (Android)
  • Banno Mobile (iOS)

Downloadable resources

These resources may be helpful in preparing your press release.

These templates are a suggestion for a press release that you can issue to share the availability of your solution to the market.

Please stick closely to the template’s framework, including trademarks.


Before publishing

Please send press releases to before publishing.

  • If you have not changed from the template format, sharing in 24 hours in advance of your scheduled distribution is acceptable.
  • If you have made changes, please allow Jack Henry time to review and approve.

Once approved, we highly encourage you to promote the announcement on your social media channels.

  • Please tag Jack Henry on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Consider using hashtags like #IntegratingwithJackHenry and #ToolkitIntegration in your posts.

Next steps

Record videos and capture screenshots of your plugin which can be shared with the world as part of your marketing strategy.

Share on social media to show the world your completed plugin.

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Last updated Thu Jun 22 2023