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In this guide, we will walk through how to reset a user’s password. This is useful when a user has forgotten their password and needs to regain access to their account.

The user will be sent a password reset link via the selected channel.


To be successful, you will first need to authenticate and have a valid Access Token.

Take a look at the Authentication Quickstart for a walkthrough of how to authenticate.


POST /a/password-reset/api/v0/institutions/{institutionId}/users/{userId}/password/reset

curl password reset
curl --request POST \
  --url[INSTITUTION_ID]/users/[USER_ID]/password/reset \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer [ACCESS_TOKEN]' \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '{"method": "email"}'
  • INSTITUTION_ID: The Institution ID of the financial institution
  • USER_ID: The User ID of the user for which you want to reset the password
  • ACCESS_TOKEN: Your access token

In this guide, we have selected the email channel to send the password reset link. See the Password Reset API Reference for additional options.


The password reset endpoint will return an empty JSON object response.

password reset response

The user will receive an email with the password reset link.

Password Reset Email

Next steps

Take a look at specific documentation in the API Reference.

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Last updated Tue Jul 18 2023